UCS1903 IC Componenets for 5v 12v led module

Short Description:

UCS1903 similar with ws2811, it is the three-channel LED drive control circuit, internal integration MCU digital interface, data latches, LED high voltage driver etc. Realize the alone grey scale because through the periphery MCU to control this chip. The cascade connection control realizes the outdoors big screen Bitmap luminous, Product has the excellent performance, and quality is reliable.

PWM can control 256 grey scales, Scan frequency no less than 400 Hz/s

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Technical Specifications

Clock Type Data-Only
Color Resolution 8 bits
Physical Package SOP8
RGBW See UCS2904
Output Pixel Voltage 5 – 12V
PWM Rate 400Hz
Suitable Camera Unsuitable for cameras, see Refresh Rate and PWM Rate
Data Transfer Rate 400 or 800kbps
Redundant Data Line No


Output power: 15V
max Internal integration Regulator tube and the IC VDD PIN need to add resistance connection the power. External No need to add regulator tube
256 grey scales can adjustment
Internal integration RC oscillator, clock synchronous according to data signal, the next Chip can receive the Original signal because the before Chip receiver had finished and itself has function of the Automatic correction signal.
Internal integration Reset circuit
PWM can control 256 grey scales, Scan frequency no less than 400 Hz/s Serial interface, through the Single line finish the data receiving and decoding.
Linear transmission, can unlimited cascade connection
No need to add any circuit if transmission distance over 10 meters of tow points.
The low speed model cascade numbers are not less than 512 points and high model not less than 1024 points If the Refresh frequency 30Hz/s.
Data sending speed can reach to 400Kbps and 800Kbps two kinds
Support preset constant current drive mode, according to the Red lights luminous intensity weak adjustment output current higher than the OUTG and OUTB. The White better

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