HD8812 SK6812 WS2812B 5050 Pixel LED Chip Black and White

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HD8812 5050 Pixel LED is an intelligent externally controlled LED that integrates a control circuit and a light-emitting circuit. Its appearance is the same as a 5050 LED . Each LED is a pixel, it is same function with addressable pixel 5050 sk6812/ws2812b/lc8812/apa104/apa105/apa109 led, use same pcb design, pin to pin function and same control way. The LED contains an intelligent digital interface data latch signal circuit.Power supply voltage regulator circuit, built-in constant current circuit, data regeneration circuit, high precision RC oscillator, output drive adopts patented PWM technology, which effectively guarantees the color consistency of the each pixel,and the default output constant current value OUTR/OUTG/OUTB is 12MA.

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Product Name LC8812B LED Chip
LED type 5050 SMD LED
IC type LC8812B
Emitting Color Digital RGB
Voltage DC5V
Gray Scale 256
Moisture-proof grade LEVEL5a
Certification: CE, EMC, FCC, LVD, RoHS


LED full-color luminous character string light, LED full-color soft and hard light bar, LED point light source, LED pixel screen, LED special-shaped screen, LED full-color module, car lights, shoe lights, toys, audio, home appliances, and various electronics product.

High power LED chips have three sizes: 38 * 38mil, 40 * 40mil and 45 * 45mil. Of course, the chip size can be customized, which is just a common specification. Mil is a unit of measure. A mil is a thousandth of an inch. 40 mil is about a millimeter. 38mil, 40mil and 45mil are common sizes of 1W high-power chips. Theoretically, the larger the chip, the more current and power it can withstand. However, the chip material and process are also the main factors that affect the power of the chip. For example, the chip of Cree 40mil can withstand the power of 1W to 3W, and the chip of the same size of other brands can withstand the power of 2W at most.

Detail of LED Chip


Ship way: Door to Door express, by air or sea.

Port of shipment: Shenzhen, China.

L/T: normally in 7-10days, after receiving the payment.

Sample policy: samples are available, which can be delivered in 3-5days once     payment received.


Each 1000pcs a reel as SPQ, 10,000pcs packed into a small carton, every 4 small cartons into a big carton.


Q: How to order from you and how to pay

A:If you need any led products, you can send us the email or inquiry, then we will answer you in time and send you PI with payment way, we are the factory not trade company, so we need to produce according to each order for you.

Q: Does all the LED product pass RoHs?

A:Yes, all of our led products pass RoHs, we use qualified material and have CE and RoHs Certificate

Q: Does all the products designed by yourself?

A:Yes, our boss is also an engineer and we have more than 10year experienced engineer team, all the led products designed by ourselves.

Q: What certificate you can offer?

A:Usually CE and RoHs,others UL certification we can offer too based on your need.

Q: Do you supply free sample?

A:Yes, we accept sample order, we can ship some free sample for customer to test , but the buyer need to pay the shipping cost.

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