WS2801 IC Componenets

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This pixel protocol was designed by Newstar in China. WS2801 offers many of the benefits the WS28xx series is famous for, plus the addition of a clock line to allow refresh rates to be much higher. The control circuit comes in a SOP14 package, allowing for more flexibility with LED choice.

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The WS2801 is a constant current LED driver. It is designed for indoor/ outdoor LED displays and decorative LED lighting system. It is suitable for LED cascading applications. The WS2801ownes 3 output channels, each channel can drive a constant current up to 30mA. WS2081 contains serial shift registers, data latches, output registers, band gap reference voltage generator, internal oscillator, and programmable constant output current drivers. The serial data is read into the shift registers at the rise edge of the external clock. The data and clock output buffers are designed for cascading another chip. The output polarity reverse function is designed for driving high power LED by adapting the application circuitry. The WS2801 adopts the reliable 2-wire scheme, which features low EMI transport, very strong anti-interference ability, and support hot-swap. The 2-wire control scheme can reduce the system cost; it is very suitable for low cost LED decorative LED lighting systems.

Technical Specifications

Clock Type Clocked
Color Resolution 8 bits
Physical Package SOP14
RGBW See WS2814
Output Pixel Voltage 5V
PWM Rate 2500Hz
Suitable Camera Up to 84fps, see Refresh Rate and PWM Rate
Redundant Data Line No

WS2801 Advantages

  • Presence of a clock allows for faster refresh rates
  • High PWM rate allows for filming these pixels with cameras up to 84fps

WS2801 Disadvantages

  • Only 8 bits of data for each color makes dimming curves less smooth
  • Limited to 5V, causing short cable lengths
  • No redundancy in data

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