UCS512 SOP16 IC Componenets for DMX 5v 12v 24v rgbw led strip

Short Description:

This pixel protocol was designed by Lianxinke in China. It uses a non-differential DMX512 protocol to drive pixel chips. The control circuit comes in a SOP16 package, allowing for more flexibility with LED choice.

can be used for DC5V/DC12V/DC24V RGBW DMX LED Strip

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Note: When configuring your pixel device, select ‘DMX512′ as your Pixel Type. This is the equivalent protocol that will allow you to use UCS512B pixels.




Technical Specifications

Date type A,B Signal
Color Resolution 8 bits
Physical Package SOP16
RGBW See UCS2904
Output Pixel Voltage 5 – 24V
PWM Rate 3600Hz
Suitable Camera Up to 100fps, see Refresh Rate and PWM Rate
Data Transfer Rate 200 – 750kbps
Redundant Data Line No

UCS512B Advantages:

  • Very High PWM rate 3.6KHZ allows for filming the pixels with around 120fps appromately.
  • External output constant current adjustable resistor, current range 3~60mA per channel to choose.
  • Presence of white LED allows for be independently controlled to create bolder and more vibrant colors than with RGB alone.
  • When write DMX512 address via the DMX512 address writer, no need to connect the address cable.
  • Maximum distance to write DMX address code is no relationship with the PI cable distance.
  • The UCS512C4 has a PWM reverse polarity frequency reduction output, allowing for external high current driver devices.

UCS512B Shortcomings:

  • 8 bits of color resolution, 256 grayscale for each color makes dimming curves less smooth.
  • Couldn’t wirte DMX512 address automatically.

 UCS512B applications:

  • DMX512 RGBW Pixel LED tapes from 5V – 24V that leds denstity from 32 leds – 120 leds. 
  • DMX512 LED pixel point lights, wall washer lights.
  • Stage lighting systems, video walls. 


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