HD8808 WS2815 5050 pixel rgb led chip 12V individual addressable

Short Description:

1, The control circuit and RGB chip are integrated in a 5050 components, to form an external control pixel.
2, 12V DC power supply, can effectively reduce the operating current of the pixel LED, and decrease the voltage-drop of the PCB, this is to advance the consistency of the mixed lights for long-distance transmission.
3, Using the built-in signal reshaping circuit to achieve the signal waveform shaping, and no distortion of waveform ofsignal takes place.
4, The gray levels of each pixel are of 256 levels, which achieves “256*256*256=16777216” full-color display, and the refresh frequency reaches to 2KHz.
5, Serial cascade interface, data receiving and decoding depend on just one signal line.
6, Dual-signal wires version, signal break-point continuous transmission.
7, Any two point the distance more than 5M transmission signal without any increase circuit.
8, When the refresh rate is 30fps, cascade numbers is at least 1024 pixels.
9, Data transmitting at speeds of up to 800Kbps.
10, Good color consistency reliability, high cost-effective.

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Product Specifications:

Product Name HD8808 WS2815 LED Chip
LED type 5050 SMD LED
IC type HD8808
Emitting Color Digital RGB
Voltage DC12V
Gray Scale 256
Moisture-proof grade LEVEL5a
Certification: CE, EMC, FCC, LVD, RoHS


LED full-color luminous character string light, LED full-color soft and hard light bar, LED point light source, LED pixel screen, LED special-shaped screen, LED full-color module, car lights, shoe lights, toys, audio, home appliances, and various electronics product.

High power LED chips have three sizes: 38 * 38mil, 40 * 40mil and 45 * 45mil. Of course, the chip size can be customized, which is just a common specification. Mil is a unit of measure. A mil is a thousandth of an inch. 40 mil is about a millimeter. 38mil, 40mil and 45mil are common sizes of 1W high-power chips. Theoretically, the larger the chip, the more current and power it can withstand. However, the chip material and process are also the main factors that affect the power of the chip. For example, the chip of Cree 40mil can withstand the power of 1W to 3W, and the chip of the same size of other brands can withstand the power of 2W at most.

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A:Yes, our boss is also an engineer and we have more than 10year exprenced engineer team, all the led products designed by ourselves.

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