TM1809 IC Componenets 5v/12v rgb led strip 24bits

Short Description:

This pixel protocol was designed by Titan Micro Electronics in China. TM1809 is equipped with all the same features as its previous version, TM1803, but supports 3 RGB pixels off the one chip. The control circuit comes in a SOP14 package, allowing for more flexibility with LED choice.

TM1809 is a special IC with 9 channels(3R+3G+3B), so 1 IC chip can control 3 SMD5050 RGB lamps, and each lamp is individually controllable. This type stripe support both DC5v and 12V. 

Product Detail

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Technical Specifications

Clock Type Data-Only
Color Resolution 8 bits
Physical Package SOP14
RGBW See TM1814
Output Pixel Voltage 5 – 24V
PWM Rate 400Hz
Suitable Camera Unsuitable for cameras, see Refresh Rate and PWM Rate
Data Transfer Rate 400 or 800kbps
Redundant Data Line No

TM1809 Advantages

  • Up to 24V, allowing for very long cable lengths
  • Drives 3 pixels off a single SOP14 chip.

TM1809 Disadvantages

  • Low PWM rate makes theses pixels unsuitable for cameras
  • Data-only restricts refresh rates to be limited by the speed of the protocol, which will generally be slow
  • Only 8 bits of data for each color makes dimming curves less smooth
  • No redundancy in data

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