TM1812 IC Componenets for rgb rgbww led tape

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This pixel protocol was designed by Titan Micro Electronics in China. TM1812 is a 12-channel special circuit for LED driver control internally integrated with circuits of MCU digital interface, data latch and LED HV driver etc. Peripheral MCU control realizes the chip’s independent luminance, cascade control realizes color dot matrix illumination control of outdoor big screen, guardrail tube and dream-color LED stripe. This product comes with excellent performance and reliable quality.

Product Detail

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Ø High power CMOS technology
Ø 24V output port voltage endurance
Ø VDD internally integrated with 5V VR-tube
Ø Chip VDD externally connected with series resistor, 6-24V input voltage supported
Ø Luminance adjustment circuit with 256-grade luminance adjustment, low brightness equivalent to
class 1024
Ø Single-line serial cascade interface
Ø Oscillation mode: built-in RC oscillation and clock synchronization in accordance with the data
line signal; after data of the unit is completely received, subsequent data can be automatically
reshaped and sent to the lower level through the data output end, the signal will not distort or
attenuate as the cascade goes further
Ø Built-in power-on reset circuit
Ø PWM control end realizes 256-grade adjustment, with scanning frequency no less than 400Hz
Ø One signal line can complete data receiving and decoding
Ø When the refresh rate is 30Frames/S, cascade points no less than 1080
Ø Data sending speed is 800Kbps
Ø Package form: SOP16, DIP16




Outdoor applications Scope: point light source, guardrail tube, flexible light strip, indoor and outdoor big screen etc.




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