TM1803 IC Componenets

Short Description:

TM1803 is a 3 bits LED (light-emitting diode display) drive control circuit, internal integrated with MCU digital interface, latch, LED high voltage driver and so on .Through the external MCU control, the chip can achieve separate luminance, And through cascade control can achieve outdoor large-screen color dot-matrix light-emitting control. TM1803 have excellent performance and high reliability.

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Technical Specifications

Use high-voltage power CMOS process
Output voltage is up to 24V
Brightness adjustment circuit(256)
Serial-shift and cascade Interface
Oscillation mode:Built-in RC oscillator, signal clock synchronization. While accepting the completed data of this module, data can be auto-shaped and transmitted to next chip via data output pin.
Built-in power-on reset circuit
PWM control side can achieve 256 adjustment, scan frequency not less than 400hz/ s
The completion of data reception and decoding by a signal line
When the refresh rate of 30 frames/ s, the number of cascade is not less than 512 on low-speed mode. And it is not less than 1024 on high-speed mode.
SOP8 package
Data transmission speed can be 400Kbps and 800Kbps two modes

Function Description
TM1803 adopts single wire to communicate and RZ (return to zero code) method to sent signal. On power-on resert status, when chip receive complete 24bits data from DIN, it
begin transmitting data to next chip via DO. Before transmission, DO will be keep low-level.OUTR, OUTG, OUTB these 3 PWM will output different duty signal according to
different data per 24bits, the cycle of signal is 4ms.If input signal is RESET, the chip will be ready to receive new data after displaying all the received data.The same when receive new 24bit data completely, it will transmit them to next chip via DO.
TM1803 has the ability of auto-shape and signal transmission.The number of cascade is not limited by signal transmission, just limited by screen refresh speed.For example, we
design 1024 cascade with TM1803, the refresh time can be canculated is 1024*0.4*2=0.8192ms(delay time is 0.4us), no any twinkle will be detected.



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